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What Is Emotional Intelligence and How Is It Affecting Your Success?

Work Time Gift 22 April, 2021

There are literally thousands of things that can impact your success in your career, but one of the most crucial elements to your success at work and at life, in general, is your emotional intelligence. Although emotional intelligence is so important to a person's success and happiness, it is one of the least talked about soft skills. Let's take a look at what emotional intelligence is and how it can affect your success.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to perceive, identify, control, and regulate emotions. Imagine you are trying to juggle several balls. If you have the skill of juggling you can take all the balls and control them in the air and keep them moving smoothly along. If you do not have the skill of juggling and someone starts tossing balls at you, you will just drop them, or maybe you can get a few of them going for a few minutes, but eventually, you will get overwhelmed with the number of balls, and they will all come crashing down. The balls are your emotions and emotional intelligence is like the skill of juggling. When you have the skills of emotional intelligence you can control the emotions, keep them moving smoothly and not drop everything in the process.

How Does Emotional Intelligence Affect Success?

Success never comes to us as victory after victory. Success is also not a one-time accomplishment, and then we are done. Success is the result of long hard work, challenges, and failures with victories sprinkled in along the way. All of these things will cause emotional responses in us. If we have emotional intelligence we will be able to take these things as they are being tossed at us. We will be able to feel our emotional reactions to them and then move along smoothly to the next thing. This can build up resilience in us and perseverance so that we can keep moving toward our goals even when we face difficulties.

Emotional intelligence can be improved through studying your own psychology and even through online classes which address this topic.